Word of Welcome by FEA President, Gilles Baudin

Dear friends,

It is a real pleasure as President of FEA to invite you to the next FEA Global Aerosol Events in Lisbon, one of the most charismatic and vibrant cities of Europe but also the 2020 European Green Capital. It is a city that naturally blends traditional heritage, with striking modernism and progressive thinking... mirroring the aerosol industry.

The aerosol industry is a world of high competences and skilled actors used to federate their expertise through unforgettable events. Thanks to your valuable suggestions, the practicalities evolve to enhance attractiveness, maximise attendance and deliver value for both exhibitors and visitors. Among other initiatives, general access policy will align on prevailing practice and the Conference will be freely opened to all.

Our vision remains to turn the FEA Global Aerosol Events into an inclusive global meeting point and inspirational place for experts and business leaders from the entire aerosol industry. All national and multinational companies, all members have their role to play in exhibiting at FEAerosol2020, which should become not only an internal, but also an external showcase of our best practices and innovations, across the value chain till the brand owners.

I have no doubt that the FEA Global Aerosol Events will result in successful experience sharing, which will trigger the further growth and development of the aerosol industry worldwide.

In closing, I wish you effective work, lively discussions and manyuseful business contacts.

I am looking forward to welcoming you to Lisbon!

Gilles Baudin
FEA President
L’Oréal Packaging Expertise Director